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2 Pack of Pinto Bean & Cheese Empanolis


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Make sure you add at least 3 two packs of empanolis to your cart for your order to be fulfilled (minimum Empanoli order size is $36)


1 Extra small salsa + 1 extra small crema is recommended for each pair of Empanolis. Sold Separately.


Helpful tip: For best results, mix some crema and salsa together and dip the Empanoli hand pie in the mixture before consuming.


Empanoli 2 Pack - Pinto Bean & Cheese

  • Empanoli Crust: White rice flour, Cassava flour, potato starch, butter, water, vinegar, eggs (egg wash), corn oil, Xantham gum, salt.(Allergens: Contains eggs, dairy, corn oil)

  • Empanoli Filling: Water, Pinto beans, onion, garlic, Chihuahua cheese, vegetable oil, avocado oil, salt.(Allergens: Contains dairy, avocado oil) Vegetarian.

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